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8.35am Warning Bell
8.40am Form Time
8.50am Period 1
9.40am Period 2
10.30am ASSEMBLY
10.50am INTERVAL
11.20am Period 3
12.20pm Period 4
1.20pm LUNCH
2pm Period 5
3pm Home


8.35am Warning Bell
8.40am Form Time
8.50am Period 1
9.50am Period 2
11.20am INTERVAL
11.20am Period 3
12.20pm Period 4
1.20pm LUNCH
2pm Period 5
3pm Home


8.35am Warning Bell
8.40am Form Time
8.50am Period 1
9.45am Period 2
10.40am INTERVAL
11.10am Period 3
12.05pm Period 4
1.00pm LUNCH
1.40pm Period 5

Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kura Whaanui o Patea.  Haere mai ki tenei rohe o Ngati Ruanui, o Nga Rauru kitahi hoki.

A Message From Our Principal

Atawhaitia nga kohungahunga, ko ratou nga taiohi mo apopo.
Nurture the young for they are the future �  

This is a real responsibility placed upon staff at Patea Area School; that it is up to us to prepare our young people to make the most of their lives now and in the future. There can be no excuse for lack of achievement. We must continually find ways of motivating students in their learning. Our school vision statement, Each ONE Counts! calls us to be accountable for each of our students.

Patea Area School is a small school able to respond to the needs of students. We believe in differentiated teaching, which means we recognize the various needs of each student. We do the very best we can to meet those needs.

Teaching today continues to be rewarding and fulfilling for teachers. It is also very challenging, and we must be prepared for those challenges. On the rare occasion we admit that despite our best efforts we are unable to achieve the outcomes we want for students.

Gaining NCEA qualifications enables students to see themselves as successful learners. This view leads to confidence and self belief, valuable attributes for any young person making their way in the big world that is theirs. Each senior student is encouraged to participate fully in their learning programmes and to complete assessment tasks to the best of their ability within given timeframes.

There are many examples, recent and in the early days of Patea High School, of people who have achieved success at school and have gone on to lead successful and meaningful lives. That is what we want for every child at Patea Area School ; that they are well equipped with academic, personal and life skills that result in happy and successful lives.

In Patea our maunga is an amazing symbol for life, identity and strength.
Maunga whakatauki

Whaia te iti kahurangi kit te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei
'Pursue excellence, should you stumble, let it be a lofty mountain'

Te Aroha Mackintosh

Each ONE Counts! (So what's PAS about?)

The vision statement of each school provides a basis for the culture of the school. For us, it means we have a commitment to help each student to be the best they can be. Our learning and teaching practices reflect this.
Our starting point must always be where students are at currently at. To compare this position with their age or year level is not useful. What is, is. Our task is to build confidence and competence from where students are at now.


Learning Programmes

  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Learning Contexts
  • Personalised Learning - Building on interests and talents
  • Work-based Learning - learning beyond the school walls

News & Coming Events

PPTA Paid Union Meeting - 9th April

All secondary teachers (PPTA) at Patea Area School will be attending a Paid Union Meeting on Wednesday 9 April from 1.30 to 3.30 in Stratford. Students from Years 9 to 13 will be finishing school at 12.30pm for the day and you will be able to pick up your child at this time. No normal classes will run after 12.30pm and any students that remain at school, will be supervised by non-teaching staff. Buses will continue to run at the normal times in the afternoon. Students who are required to remain until the buses leave, will also be supervised by non-teaching staff.

Good Friday - April 18th, 2014

School will finish on Thursday at 3pm.


School will finish on Thursday April 17th at 3pm. Term two starts again on May 5th. See you all then!


TERM ONE Jan 27th to Apr 17th
TERM TWO May 5th to July 4th
TERM THREE July 21st to September 26th
TERM FOUR October 12th to December 8th (end date to be confirmed)
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