At Patea Area School we are committed  to ensuring that  our  students feel safe  and  secure.  Students  are encouraged to  nurture  their  individuality in an  open and friendly environment in which they are understood and well known by staff.


We  take  pride  in how  safe  our  school  is. Our staff members are always ready to help and we are purposefully structured around strong support systems. Each student is part of a ‘House’ and within that House they are part of a ‘Mentor Group’ with a 1:10  teacher- student ratio.  This allows us to  academically  mentor and  support  students. Staff and support services that operate with the school  are  readily available to deal with any concerns students or parents and caregivers may have.
Students  are  encouraged to  help  and  support  each other.   There  are  a  variety  of  student  and  support groups  throughout the  school  aimed  at  making  all students feel welcome. Our senior students work with and  support  our  junior students. From the  moment students enter  our  school  to  when  they  leave,  we are  focussed  on  encouraging and  assisting  them  to cope  with the  demands of their life whether it be in school or in the world beyond. We are sensitive to their personal  concerns  and  their needs  in terms  of study skills, homework, career choice and subject  selection. Staff will go out of their way to assist students and we pride  ourselves  on  the  positive learning  relationships we nurture  between staff and students.

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