These are  newly furbished classrooms that are purposefully designed to create a modern learning environment. It is physically  separate  from the Senior School, with its own playground and soon to be newly turfed playing courts.


The school has an extensive library providing a wide range of reading resources for students. This space is also used as a  multi purpose learning hub with break out rooms and spaces for individual learning.


There is a  new modern Hospitality Space and a well resourced Hard Materials Space. As Digital Technology is a key tool used for teaching and learning  the school has Smart TV, Green Screens, computer labs, as well as  I PADS and  Chrome books available for all students.


Musical , dance  and performance groups or  individuals are able to make full use of the Music/ Dance/ Performing Arts  Space. There are a wide variety of rooms available for individual and group learning.


The school has its own extensive sports grounds. There is also a gymnasium and a weights training  room.


A wide selection of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks are available for students and staff from the school canteen.


Conveniently located at school, this shop is the only place that sells the school uniform.

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