Whole Day Courses

At Patea Area School we have a holistic approach to learning. Our student’s goals, passions and aspirations sit at the centre of all we do.  Teaching and learning is inquiry based. Our programs are designed to be authentic and experiential in nature with a focus on equipping our young people with the skills needed to be successful in a changing world . 21C pedagogy and tools is an integral aspect of who we are as is an invested commitment to sustainable based studies under the umbrella of






Whole day courses run very second Friday.  On these days the community at large becomes our classroom.  Years 0-6 have a purpose built program that operates in the Junior School and Years 7-13 are able to select half and whole year courses which include;

  • Surfing
  • Up cycling
  • Photography
  • Coding and Ideology Lab
  • Food From Around The World
  • Equine Studies
  • Outdoor Active
  • Mural Design and Painting
  • Boat Making
  • Sustainable Crafts
  • Scuba Diving
  • Indoor Active
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Environmental Fitness


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