Patea Area School is proud  to be a  leading school of modern  and innovative learning. All students who come to Patea Area  School can be assured  that  they will have a wide range  of opportunities in a safe and caring environment. We are  extremely proud  that  our  learning  environment has  a strong  sense  of family, community  and  of belonging. 

We are committed  to delivering a modern  and engaging curriculum that  encourages our young people  to be independent and  critical thinkers,  well  able  to  cope  with  the  challenges  of  modern   society  beyond  our  school  gates.   We  have  a deliberate  emphasis on tailoring the learning of each individual student to ensure our young people achieve EXCELLENCE at their level.

At Patea Area School we believe that education is about  success across a wide range of activities. A visit to the school will reveal good  facilities that support academic endeavours and a wide range of opportunities in sport, culture and the arts.

It is with pride that we invite you to contact  the school and see for yourself the well rounded  education that Patea Area School has to offer. We would be happy to organise a visit at a time convenient  to you.

We look forward to working with you

Nicola Ngarewa


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